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Our Vision and Ambitions

Salisbury Cathedral is a living church and a testimony to the faith and skills of the medieval craftsmen who built it. We take the responsibility of caring for the future of this incredible place very seriously.


As a church and a charitable trust it is vital that we protect the resources available to us. The Chapter, College of Canons, and Cathedral Council work to bring innovation to the tradition that is Salisbury Cathedral.

The governance of the Cathedral is regulated by statute, as required by the Cathedrals Measure 1999.

The corporate body of Salisbury Cathedral is the Chapter, the College of Canons and the Cathedral Council.

Chapters were formerly exclusively clerical bodies but after the 1999 act every cathedral chapter must now include at least two lay members.

The College of Canons is a much larger body with clergy and lay members, appointed by the Bishop.

Our annual review sets out in detail the rich and varied nature of the life and work of this Cathedral Church and is available to download below.

The governance arrangements for Salisbury Cathedral and all English cathedrals have been changed by the Cathedrals Measure 2021. We expect that these changes will come into effect in Salisbury during 2022.

Our Teams

Within the Chapter, a leadership team made up of both clerical and lay members, we are led by our Dean Nicholas Papadopulos. Our Canon Precentor, Canon Chancellor, and Canon Treasurer are also principal people within this team.

Chapter is supported by the Executive team, which is led by the Executive Director and Chapter Clerk who, together with Directors who have responsibility for each functional area: Liturgy and Music, Communications and Development, Finance, and Education and Outreach. Between them they lead approximately 90 people in fifteen teams and across the site.

We are also incredibly fortunate to have over 600 volunteers who generously give up their time and energy to help the Cathedral in a wide variety of ways, from mending vestments and polishing silver to taking tower tours and impersonating King John for school groups.

Find out more about the work of our volunteers, and how you can become part of this thriving community below:

Volunteering at Salisbury Cathedral

Work with Us

Salisbury Cathedral is a vibrant, inspirational place to work. Take a look at our current vacancies, or find out more about joining our incredible team of volunteers.

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