Live Peregrine Webcam


Watch our Peregrines

Welcome to our peregrine livestream for 2022.

We have three cameras that film the peregrine nesting site at all hours of the day. Click the links below to watch each camera view.


Nestbox Camera Livestream

Larder Camera Livestream

Balcony Camera Livestream


We recommend keeping an eye on our social media for the best of this year’s peregrine footage, and reading our regular blogs from local experts.

This Year’s Peregrines So Far

Take a look at what our peregrines have been up to during March so far. The current pair have been visiting the site regularly over winter, and latterly been seen engaging in courtship behaviour such as bowing (when the male ‘bows’ to the female lifting his tail and keeping his head down), ledge display (when the male stands over the nest and bows to the female whilst calling to her) and scraping (when the birds dig out the nestbox gravel with their feet to create a dip). The male has also been observed making spectacular courtship flights up and around the Spire.