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The nesting pair can be watched via three cameras sited on the South Tower balcony. The cameras stream the peregrines in real time and they can be watched 24 hours a day.


Nestbox Camera

This ground-level fixed camera offers a great view of action on the nestbox, allowing us to observe courtship rituals, nest preparation and egg laying. Once the female starts incubating the eggs she will rarely move and is fed by her mate.

Click below to view the nestbox camera – the place where all the action happens.


Balcony Camera

Click below to see a birds-eye view of the nest box. Later, when the chicks start to fledge, we will move this camera to capture some stunning views of the young peregrines’ first flights.


Larder Camera

Click below to watch ‘The Larder’, positioned at the other end of the balcony where the adult peregrines often store spare food. This space will be used by the chicks when they become more mobile.


RSPB Partnership

We work in partnership with the RSPB South Wiltshire Local Group who help us to share and analyse the peregrine footage. They also help run our Peregrine Facebook Group – we encourage you to join the group to participate in conversation about the birds with others.

Facebook page: @RSPBSouthWilts