Interior photo of the choir stalls at Salisbury Cathedral

Interested in becoming part of our community?

As a living church, community centre and charity, an iconic and popular visitor attraction, a dynamic events venue and a site where heritage skills are practised daily, we rely heavily on our talented staff, dedicated volunteers and wonderful supporters.

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Group photo showing the Salisbury Cathedral Chapter Members

About Us

Learn about our governance, the make up of our leadership, management and operational teams and of opportunities to join our staff across all our very varied departments.

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A man and a woman looking at the camera, smiling. They are wearing Volunteer sashes

Support and volunteer

Join an amazing team of over 600 people who give their time to guide visitors, arrange flowers, make coffee or greet concert-goers, or simply make a donation, we are so grateful for every contribution!

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External view of the Cathedral in spring

Become a Friend of Salisbury Cathedral

If you love Salisbury Cathedral consider joining the Friends of Salisbury Cathedral who support the Cathedral’s life, worship and ministry and give you an opportunity to engage with other like-minded people who care for this beautiful and iconic building.

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Hire the Cathedral

We host events of all shapes and sizes and have a talented and dedicated team to support you. We’ll help you organise an experience your guests will never forget, just bring us your ideas and we’ll talk you through the possibilities.

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Man in 19th century costume in front of a passenger cart

PR, filming and photography

Whether you have a press or commercial photography enquiry, are looking for a location for a period drama or documentary or want to film using a drone, we are very happy to help if you contact us in advance.

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