Future Challenges


Ensuring our Cathedral will last for generations to come.

The initial scope of the Major Repair Programme is now nearing completion.

The project continues to find new areas of the Cathedral and its collections that need conservation or restoration. A historic building like this requires constant attention to remain safe for visiting and worship. That’s why we will always need to rely on your generous donations to maintain it.

The craftspeople in our Works Department consider it a great honour and privilege to look after and conserve this great building. We pledge our commitment to preserve it for future generations.

Tour our Works Yard

Learn the technique, both ancient and modern, that are used by our Stonemasons, and follow the stories of the secrets they have uncovered throughout years of conservation and restoration work.

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Sponsor a Stone

By sponsoring a stone, you will have the initials of your choice carved on a stone that will become a permanent part of Salisbury Cathedral.

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