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Our Clergy, Vergers and Events teams run hundreds of services and events every year. We will work closely with you to make sure your personal choices shine through. Whatever the occasion, we can help you chose the right space and format for your life event at the Cathedral. Please remember that as a living church, we need to fit these into our busy pattern of daily worship and other calendar commitments so flexibility in dates is required. There are also some requirements that need to be met in order to use the Cathedral for life events.

If you need to speak with someone urgently about any of the above please call 07593 559920 or email our Vicar of the Close, Nigel Davies at


If you are not already a regular worshipper at the Cathedral we ask you to let the vicar of your local parish church know that you are seeking to have your child baptised here. In baptism, a person joins the church of God, and we want to work in partnership with the church where you live.

You can find your parish church here.

You will also find some helpful material about baptism here.

For further information, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page


Salisbury Cathedral is not quite the same as a parish church.

To be married in the Cathedral by right, one of the couple must have their residence in the Liberty of the Close.  All other couples will need to apply for an Archbishop’s Special License.

To obtain an Archbishop’s Special License, you need to have a worshipping and spiritual connection with the Cathedral and it is possible to apply for a license after a period of regular worship in the Cathedral.

In order for us to support the application, one or more of the following Qualifying Connections must also apply:

  • You or your fiancé are current regular members of the cathedral congregation (members of the Cathedral Roll) or their children.
  • You or your fiancé are former Boy/Girl Choristers
  • You or your fiancé are current members of the cathedral choirs and former members of long standing (or their children)
  • You or your fiancé are current members of cathedral staff (ordained or lay) or their children
  • You or your fiancé are former members of cathedral staff of long standing or their children
  • You or your fiancé are cathedral volunteers or their children
  • You or your fiancé are members of Staff (teaching and non-teaching) and former pupils of the cathedral schools
  • You or your fiancé are serving members of any military regiments which have a close association with the cathedral (and where the person concerned regularly attends ‘military services’ in the cathedral)
  • You or your fiancé attended the Cathedral School or Bishop Wordsworth School.
  • You or your fiancé are members of the Cathedral Roll.

Everyone in this country has a parish church where they could be married. So, you might want to consider contacting your local vicar if you do not feel you can meet these worshipping requirements.

For any further information, please contact fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Cathedral and Close are private property and the upkeep of both is expensive.

We look to pay for the costs of upkeep where appropriate and where possible. Organisers or commercial photographers of weddings that are not taking place in the Cathedral are allowed to take photos within the area of the churchyard provided they obtain approval in advance and pay a fee of £50.00 (incl VAT). Please note that photographs of weddings that have not been held inside the Cathedral cannot not be taken in the Cathedral itself, the Cloisters or the Cloister Garth.

It should be noted that weddings which take place inside the Cathedral will take priority over the commercial user when a clash of programmes/timings is identified.


If you have recently lost a loved one, please get in touch. We will help you in any way, including with our prayers.

A Church of England funeral is available for everyone, and the Church can give support before, during and after the service, for as long as it is needed. You’ll find some helpful advice here.

It is our normal custom not to organise thanksgiving services until some months after the funeral has taken place. This is because a thanksgiving service for the life of someone who has died has an important but somewhat different function to a funeral.

If your loved one had a worshipping and spiritual connection with the Cathedral, please contact us to discuss your arrangements.

For any further information, please contact fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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