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The Cathedral, Magna Carta and Refectory will be closed for visiting all day on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 and the morning of Saturday 23 October. Click here for opening times.


Tours and Demonstrations

Visitors can enjoy a range of free, informal demonstrations inside the Cathedral on specific days.

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Tours and Demonstrations

Visitors can enjoy a range of free, informal demonstrations inside the Cathedral on specific days - you may want to plan your visits around them. No bookings are required just be at the right place at the right time! Or, for the ultimate experience, you can book onto one of our famous Tower Tours...


Cathedral Floor Tours

Daily tours available on request - subject to availability.

We have over 250 knowledgeable volunteer guides who will welcome you and help you get the most from your visit. If there are enough guides available, you might even get your own private tour! Alternatively, you can explore at your own pace using one of our free family -friendly guide maps or our fun Cathedral trail for younger children.


Vestments and Vergers: a thousand years of worship in one encounter!

Thursdays 11:00 – 13.00, the Morning Chapel

For nearly a thousand years Salisbury Cathedral has been a centre of worship, first at Old Sarum and after 1220 on its present site. In this encounter in the Morning Chapel you can learn about the Sarum Rite, a form of worship created in Salisbury in the late eleventh century and widely used until the English Reformation in the 1500s. Discover its legacy, including the 'code' behind the colours of the robes or vestments worn by clergy and tradition of magnificent processions that take place here at Easter, Advent and Christmas. Some beautiful vestments will be on display, specialist guides can point out the Aumbry or cupboard by the altar where Holy Oils have been stored for centuries – and learn about life in the vestry, where vergers prepare for worship across the centuries.


Meet the Stonemasons: a living history in stone

Tuesdays 14:00 - 16:00, South Transept

A chance to meet Salisbury Cathedral's stonemasons as they carve in the Cloisters. Discover how our Cathedral’s stone is worked by hand, using the same basic tools as the original Cathedral builders over 800 years ago. With only nine English Cathedrals Works Yards still in operation it's a rare opportunity to find out more about the work of these heritage artisans and learn at first-hand what it takes to conserve and protect this spectacular building. Questions welcomed - or just come to watch.


Medieval Clock demonstration: marking the centuries

Mondays and Wednesdays - after 11.00 prayers, Saturdays at 10.30, North Nave Aisle

Join us in time to see the chiming mechanism of the world’s oldest working clock in action. Thought to date back to around 1386, Salisbury Cathedral’s medieval clock is a large iron-framed 'turret' clock without a dial. In days gone by it would have rung the bells summoned people to worship. Today it measures the day with its steady tick, but rarely chimes having been replaced in 1884 by a ‘modern’ mechanism donated by the Wiltshire regiment in memory of fallen comrades. Watch and marvel as, as, over six hundred years since it first rang, the chiming mechanism is unlocked and allowing the clock to sound as it would have done in 1300.


Stained Glass Window Tours

Mondays 12.00 , Cathedral entrance in cloisters

Discover the rich history of our beautiful stained glass windows. The tour sheds new light on the Cathedral’s history and its community, from the scandal of the medieval glass abandoned in a ditch during the late 1700s, to windows commemorating wars, suffrage and even a Cathedral cat. Tours last approximately one hour. No booking required.