Sarum Lights: Time

Tuesday 5 – Saturday 9 November 2024

Sarum Lights returns to Salisbury Cathedral with a new show for 2024

Salisbury Cathedral is set to host a breathtaking spectacle with the premiere of “Time,” an innovative light and sound show created by the acclaimed artistic collaboration Luxmuralis.

This immersive event will transform both the interior and exterior of the historic cathedral, filling it with dazzling light, dynamic soundscapes, and multiple projection installations.

“Time” promises to be an extraordinary exploration of humanity’s relationship with the concept of time, offering audiences an unforgettable journey through history, science, and imagination.

Visitors will be guided through a series of captivating installations that portray humans as seen through different eras, exploring the fascinating theories of relativity, and the text of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.”

Through the immersive projected artworks attendees will traverse wormholes, venture inside the intricate workings of clocks, and experience a dramatic narrative that spans from the present day back to the very beginning of everything. The grand finale in the cathedral’s nave will take spectators on a mesmerising voyage through the epochs of humanity, ultimately reaching the formation of our planet, creating a profound and awe-inspiring conclusion to this unique event.

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Tickets go on sale at 10am on 9 September 2024

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Decorative Quote

It’s totally spectacular.
We can’t wait to come again.

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Timed entry

Entry slots are available to book every 15 minutes from 17:30-20:00. Once inside, you can explore at your own pace.

Please note there will be loud music and bright lights. The first hour of the event will have reduced noise levels on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th for those sensitive to sound. Please book either the 17:30 or 17:45 slots. If you are sensitive to sound but wish to attend later showings, you may wish to bring ear plugs/noise reducing headphones.

Ticket Information

Adults (ages 17+) £10
Children (ages 4-16) £6

For visitors with access requirements and free tickets for ages 0-3, please contact the Box Office on 01722 656555 or email

Tickets go on sale at 10am on 9 September.

Sarum Lights FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sarum Lights?

    Sarum Lights is a family friendly light and sound experience. This year features all new content which explores humanity’s relationship with the concept of time, offering audiences an unforgettable journey through history, science, and imagination.

    This event involves walking around and inside the Cathedral and some standing in order to fully appreciate the projections and soundscape in the different story ‘zones’.

    Please be aware that the light projections do move and change and light levels will vary throughout the show and the volume of the event will be loud. The site is fully accessible for wheelchairs and buggies.

  • How much is it?

    Tuesday to Saturday £10 adults (17+), £6 young person (4-16) (0-3 free). Tickets must be bought in advance there are no tickets available on the night. For visitors with access requirements or children aged between 0-3 years, please contact the cathedral box office to book your tickets.

    Tickets are sold as non-refundable. Ticket exchanges will be allowed if we receive notification at least 48 hours before the performance. There is a £3 per ticket exchange fee before the new tickets are issued.

    The Cathedral Box Office is available on the phone, over email or in person Monday – Friday between 09:30-16:00. Email: Tel: 01722 656 555. At weekends please email as we can be very busy. We will respond as soon as we are able.

  • How accessible is Sarum Lights?

    The Close and the Cathedral is wheelchair accessible. This event is not in one location and visitors will be expected to move between the various installations around the Close and the Cathedral.

    Limited seating, park benches outside and seats inside the Cathedral will be available as rest points. A limited number of wheelchairs are available via the Cathedral. Should they be required please notify a member of the Cathedral team once on site.

    In the Cloisters, we have two accessible toilets, there will be an opportunity to visit the facilities before you go into the Cathedral but, we respectfully ask that you watch the outside experience first, have your tickets scanned and then use the facilities, this will help with our one-way system. Thank you.

  • Is it suitable for people with sound sensitivity?

    The show is very loud and flashing lights. For the first hour on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 – noise reductions until 18:30 – we cannot do anything about the light but will be quieter for the first hour for those sensitive to sound. If you are sensitive to sound and wish to attend later shows, you may wish to bring earplugs/sound reducing headsets.

  • Can I use my annual cathedral entry ticket?

    Annual Cathedral entry tickets cannot be used for the Sarum Lights.

    Sarum Lights tickets must be purchased separately.

  • Will there be tickets on sale on the night?

    No tickets will be available on the door, all tickets must be prebooked online.

  • When should I arrive?

    At your ticket time, please see the outside experience first (10min show) your tickets will be scanned in the Cloisters before you enter the Cathedral.

    15-minute time slots have been allocated to reduce queuing time and to allow a restricted number of people access at any one time. The timeslot starts with the outside show first not the inside.

    The show itself will take about 1 hour to view in full, depending on how long you spend in each ‘zone’. There is no hurry, and everything is on a loop, so installations can be watched more than once.

  • Where is the entrance

    Entry for pre booked ticket holders will be via the High Street Gate or the Harnham Gate. Please have your tickets ready to show staff at the entry gate. St Ann’s Gate (Exeter Street) entrance will be closed.

  • What happens if I miss my time slot?

    We will endeavour to get you in at the next available time slot; however you may have to wait in a queue. We will not be able to allow visitors to access earlier time slots. Your start time on your ticket is for the outside show and not for the inside experience.

  • Where is the exit?

    The exit will be either the High Street Gate or Harnham Gate.

  • Is there any parking on site?

    There is strictly no parking or drop off on site, which includes no accessible parking. For the safety of all attending. We encourage you to make use of the local park and ride services.

  • Where can we park?

    Local park and ride services will be running later on the night of this event.

    Details regarding all the city’s car parks can be found online at If you park after 6pm the car parks are free and with no time limit. Please do check full details of each parking site for restrictions and closing times on the night.

  • Will there be refreshments and Shop?

    Yes, the Cathedral’s restaurant, Refectory, and the Cathedral Gift Shop for Christmas shopping will be open every evening, please follow the arrows at the end of the show, exit left.

  • Where are the toilets?

    In the Cloisters and we have two accessible toilets, there will be an opportunity to visit the facilities before you go into the Cathedral but, we respectfully ask that you watch the outside experience first, have your tickets scanned and then use the facilities, this will help with our one-way system. Thank you.

  • Will there be anything to see during the day?

    This is a light and sound spectacular which can only be seen at night via ticketed entry.

  • What will happen if there’s adverse whether?

    The Cathedral will endeavour to ensure the light and sound spectaculars continue despite the weather, this includes rain, fog and snow.

    A significant part of the spectacular is within the Cathedral and therefore is under-cover. Please dress appropriately.

    Please check the Cathedral’s website and social media accounts for any updates closer to the time.

  • Is photography allowed?

    Photography is allowed for personal use but please do not bring tripods.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Well behaved dogs kept on a short lead are allowed but, please only bring your dog if they are comfortable with loud noises, crowds and flashing lights.

  • Are there any terms and conditions?

    Salisbury Cathedral reserves the right to make changes to the advertised programme and pricing as may be required from time to time.

    Salisbury Cathedral reserves the right to refuse admission or request members of the audience to leave the premises.