15th November 2021

Journey through Advent with us with four special workshops

Journey through Advent with us with four special workshops

You are invited to join us to journey through Advent together in the run up to Christmas.


This year the Revd. Maggie Guillebaud, who has served here at the Cathedral as a priest for the past 16 years, will lead us through four online sessions.


She will consider what this momentous event in human history means for us today as she examines, with the help of poetry and painting, the prophetic voices in the Old Testament who predicted the coming of the Messiah, and looks at the whole Advent story itself in detail.


Each session will be run on Zoom and last 45 minutes starting at 19:00 on Mondays 29 November and 6, 13 and 20 December 2021.


The workshops will focus on the following themes:


  • Week 1: Where is our Advent hope grounded?: Four prophets.
  • Week 2: Two miraculous births foretold: Elizabeth and Mary 
  • Week 3: Expectation: Mary, Elizabeth, and Zechariah.
  • Week 4: What then did you go out to see? : A miraculous birth. 


If you would like to join us, please email Pete Atkinson on p.atkinson@salcath.co.uk who will send you the joining details.