Peregrine Falcons

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These powerful birds have made the Cathedral their home

There have been records of peregrines nesting at Salisbury Cathedral since 1864. For nearly 90 years, these birds lived peacefully on our Tower, until the use of harmful pesticides (such as DDT), and persecution, led to a lengthy absence.

Our Peregrines

In 2014 a mated pair of peregrines nested, producing and fledging four chicks successfully in a nestbox built by the Works Yard team. Since then peregrines have hatched and fledged from the Tower every year except for 2018, when a territorial battle between two females prevented laying.

Our YouTube livestreams of the peregrines nesting are watched by thousands of people across the world every Spring.


Our Livestreams

During peregrine nesting season each year, we run a livestream so eager birdwatchers can keep an eye on the chicks’ progress. You can watch our livestreams directly from the Tower or reflect on previous years.

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Peregrine Blogs

Every year, the story of our peregrine chicks is followed by people from all over the world. We post regular blog updates throughout the whole process so you can keep up to date all the way.

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