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Medieval Graffiti Tours

Take a fascinating journey into the Cathedral’s past through its medieval graffiti.

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Medieval Graffiti Tours

Due to social distancing restrictions for COVID-19 prevention all tours are suspended until further notice.

On this tour, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the Cathedral’s medieval graffiti. Our expert guides will help you to interpret the ancient markings and inscriptions. You will climb a spiral staircase to the highest balcony level (triforium) and get the opportunity to photograph the Cathedral from the base of the West Window, looking down the full length of the Nave.

Booking information

  • This tour costs £12.50 for adults, £8 for children (7-17 years)
  • Due to access, this tour may not be suitable for everyone (although most of the tour is at floor level, one section involves climbing 70 steps via a spiral staircase)
  • Advance booking is recommended

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