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Any donation you give will help Salisbury Cathedral remain for years to come and help it to support the community

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Donate Now

Every donation we receive helps the Cathedral to continue

The Cathedral receives no financial support from the Government or from the Church. We depend on one-­off and regular donations from supporters. Your gift will help secure the Cathedral and its music for the future.

Donation £5


A donation of £5 will pay for the labour to conserve an existing stone

Donation £25


A donation of £25 will pay for an hour’s training for our apprentice stonemason

Donation £50


A donation of £50 will pay for our outreach team to run a community workshop

Donation £100


A donation of £100 will pay for the lead required to refit 2 m2 of newly conserved ancient stand glass


A donation of £250 will meet the cost for the boys or girls in one of our choirs for one day

Donation £500


£500 donation will allow you to sponsor a replacement stone on the Cathedral

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