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Music Schemes

Our music scheme is published bimonthly in Cathedral News, which is available for sale in the Gift Shop, or by annual subscription. You can view our current and past music schemes below


November December 2016.pdf 163.47 KB (.pdf)
September October 2016.pdf 238.31 KB (.pdf)
July August 2016.pdf 173 KB (.pdf)
May & June 2016.pdf 114.31 KB (.pdf)
March April 2016.pdf 166.17 KB (.pdf)
January & February 2016.pdf 163.43 KB (.pdf)
November & December 2015.pdf 128.48 KB (.pdf)
July & August 2015.pdf 120.55 KB (.pdf)
May & June 2015.pdf 122.79 KB (.pdf)
March & April 2015.pdf 128.87 KB (.pdf)
January & February 2015.pdf 114.49 KB (.pdf)