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The Cathedral is minded by five vergers, based in the Cathedral Vestry. The team is overseen by the Dean's Verger, Anthony Lewis, and the vergers are directly responsible for facilitating the liturgy under the guidance of the PrecentorTom Clammer. 


The vergers' responsibilities are extremely varied and include the daily upkeep and running of the building in conjunction with the caretakers, as well as the traditional role of leading the clergy and choir in service processions, and preparing the Cathedral for worship. The team also facilitates, in collaboration with other departments, all events that happen in the Cathedral, involving both classical and popular concerts, royal visits, educational visits, lectures and more. 


Between them, the vergers are responsible for opening the Cathedral first thing in the morning, so that it is ready for Morning Worship, and locking the building after the last event of the day, which can often extend into the early hours of the following morning owing to the Cathedral's heavy schedule.


To contact the Cathedral Vestry, please email, or telephone 01722 555150 or 01722 555151.