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'Where's Sally?' family peregrine experience


She was the star of BBC Springwatch 2017, where millions of viewers were enthralled by her daily adventures, but now she has disappeared. 


Salisbury Cathedral is trialling a new children's experience with data scientists and wildlife awareness creatives to unravel the story of what may have happened to Sally. We'll be releasing information bit by bit so keep checking back, but first we need to get to know our character like all good detectives. No one knows what has happened to her but you can now join us to retrace her movements and help us solve this mystery. Where’s Sally?


Scroll down and join the search.


To help find Sally, we’ve created an interactive map and chatbot system. This uses the last 2 years of Sally’s GPS tracking data, which will enable you to interact with the map to discover where she’s been hunting, flying and nesting. If you get stuck or want to know more about Sally and peregrines in general you can talk to a virtual recreation of Sally by clicking her icon in the bottom right of the map.




DISCLAIMER: This is a demo experience and is based on real events and data. The case is unsolved and the investigation ongoing. More information will be released over time so keep checking back!