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World's Oldest Clock

We are home to the world’s oldest working mechanical clock. It was made in c.1386 and you can still hear it ring today...

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World's Oldest Clock

The world’s oldest working mechanical clock was made of hand-wrought iron in or before 1386. It is believed to be the work of three horologists –Johannes and Williemus Vriemand and Johannes Jietuijt of Delft.


As is usual of the period, the clock has no face and was designed only to strike hours. It is separated into two sections, the right-hand one being known as Going Train and the left-hand one as Striking Train. Each is driven by falling weights which have to be wound up once a day.


Originally house in the former Bell Tower (near the Tea Rooms named after it)iIn 1884, it was replaced with a newer model – a gift of officers and men of Wiltshire Regiment – and was only rediscovered in 1929.


It wasn’t until 1956 that the clock was restored to its original condition and set up in its current position.