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Rex Whistler Memorial Prism

In the North East Transept, this memorial can be found in the recess formed near the entrance to the Morning Chapel. The bronze lantern contains a revolving crystal prism (supplied by Steuben of New York) which stands on a Purbeck corbel. It was engraved in 1985 by Sir Laurence Whistler CBE (d.2000) in memory of his elder brother Rex (painter, muralist and illustrator, killed in Normandy 1944).


The lantern was presented by the Welsh Guards (Rex's regiment), it was cast by Richard Cowdy, built by Henry Bowler-Reed and Tony Wallis and gilded by Richard Healy in 1987.


Laurence Whistler's work in church windows and panels can be seen in many places, notably Church of St Nicholas at Moreton in Dorset, the only church in world with entirely engraved windows (14 by Laurence Whistler and one diamond pane by his son Simon, musician and also renowned engraver, d.2005).