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Magna Carta Exhibition

Magna Carta Exhibition Salisbury

With the best preserved 1215 Magna Carta at its centre, this exhibition takes visitors on a journey of liberty and justice woven throughour the Cathedral, medieval cloisters and stunning 13th century Chapter House. here visitors are able to understand the making of the document, its unique connections to Salisbury and its global legacy.

The exhibition has been designed to appeal to families and younger audiences as well as to the Cathedral's many international visitors. With media installations, simple interactives and objects, visitors will find something to capture their interest at every point of their journey. The exhibition also reveals other manuscript treasures from the Cathedral's archive not previously publically displayed, as well as interpreting the medieval frieze surrounding the Chapter House.

The exhibition sheds light on the historical characters linked to Salisbury who shaped the creation and early years of Magna Carta. Visitors can explore this local focus through interpretative graphics and an entertaining animation which presents the document’s creation at the hands of King John and his rebellious barons through to its arrival here at Salisbury Cathedral.


Carefully placed interpretation and an immersive film encourage visitors to trace Magna Carta’s legacy of social justice and contemporary reflections on the meaning of Magna Carta are provided through an engaging and thought-provoking documentary.


The exhibition aims to deepen visitor understanding of this globally significant document and challenges visitors to think afresh about what Magna Carta’s legacy of justice and freedom means to them in these modern times.