Britain's Tallest Cathedral Church Spire | Salisbury Cathedral

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Britain's tallest spire

Our beautiful cathedral spire rises 55m above the tower, making it the tallest in Britain.

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Britain's tallest spire

Our iconic church spire was built c.1310-1330 and is octagonal in shape. It rises 55m above the tower, making the combined height from ground level 123m – the tallest in Britain.


In fact, among medieval stone towers and spires in Europe it is second only to Strasbourg which has a height of 142m. The top 9m of the church spire was rebuilt in 1950, and the iron cross removed. It can now be viewed in the North Quire Aisle. Both spire and tower were extensively restored between 1986-1996.


The weight the stone in the spire has bent the main pillars in the Spire crossing, be sure to look for this when you visit!


You can learn more about the history of the Spire here.