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Floor Tours and Guides

Quire - new home for the choir after the Reformation

We have over 250 knowledgable volunteer guides who work in different teams throughout the week to welcome visitors and help them get the most from their visits. They will give you one of our free cathedral guides on arrival so that you can orientate yourself. These are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. 


You can join one of the regular guided tours which take place throughout the day - if there are enough guides available you may even get your very own ‘private’ tour! Alternatively you can explore the Cathedral at your own pace using our free guides or one of the more detailed guide books about the Cathedral on sale at our Welcome Desk or in the Gift Shop.


For the ultimate experience, book a tower tour and view the beautiful water meadows surrounding the Cathedral from above!