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Student Groups

Here’s what we offer the many thousands of UK and overseas students who visit the Cathedral.

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Student Groups

Each year we welcome thousands of students to the Cathedral from around the country and the world. We encourage student groups to pre-book a dedicated tour and workshop, which allows them to gain a fascinating insight into the building's 750-year history and to explore a wide range of subject areas. Here’s what we offer:

  • A tour with one of our cathedral floor guides for just £2.50 per student.
  • A 1-hour tour followed by a 1-hour workshop for just £5.00 per student (Monday-Friday during Wiltshire term time only). Our guides are highly experienced in working with school/further education students for whom English is a second language. Tours can be tailored to specific subjects, such as Magna Carta or heritage, and can also focus on a particular aspect of language such as specialist vocabulary. The hands-on workshops give students the unique opportunity to work inside this magnificent building and have something to take away. Workshops include illuminated letters, heraldic impressions or Medieval bookbinding.
  • A self-guided tour using our specially devised student materials for just £2.50 per student. This has been designed to teach students about the Cathedral and Magna Carta, whilst improving their English skills.

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Please remember…

  • Tour group leaders must remain with their students at all times.
  • Each tour group adult is responsible for discipline.
  • To ensure a quality experience, The Education Centre divides visiting students into 15 per tour group, plus one tour group adult.