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The Cathedral, Magna Carta and Refectory will be closed for visiting all day on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 and the morning of Saturday 23 October. Click here for opening times.


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Salisbury Cathedral Vergers

The Cathedral Vergers are a small team of dedicated people who are based in the Cathedral vestry, which is located on the ground floor of the Cathedral.This team consists of a Head Verger and a team of four Vergers, who are directly responsible for facilitating the well-ordered liturgy of worship under the governance of the Canon Precentor.The team also facilitate, through collaboration with all the various departments of the cathedral, all other events that happen within the cathedral. This means that the working day can be extremely varied, involving both classical and popular concerts, royal visits, educational visits, lectures and more.The first duty shift begins early in the day at 0630 when the building is opened for Morning Worship. Those on the final shift may finally lock the building in the early hours of the following morning, if there is a major concert!For contact details and staff list click here