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Tales of Magna Carta

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What Magna Carta Achieved

Background to this Chapter

So Magna Carta was sealed. King John managed to ignore it, but he died quite suddenly in 1216. His son Henry III had it re-issued and from then over the years, it got more well known. Not only did it limit a King's powers, it came to stand for more than that. It stood for the right to a fair trial, the right to proper procedure in law and it became linked to the start of democracy and human rights. These ideas would change the world. 

Let's Discuss

Watch the video What Magna Carta Achieved:

Magna Carta stops the King using his power badly - is it just Kings and Queens or is it the same for other people in power?

Why should we follow a set procedure in law? 

One of the key clauses in Magna Carta says you must not delay justice if someone has done something wrong (ie you must tell someone quickly what they have done wrong and tell them what will happen next) - why should this be so?




"You decide!" debate

We can ensure fairer things happen for us and our communities if we vote:

have a debate and a class vote on whether our country should send money to help poor countries.

  • YES
  • NO
  • It's more complicated than that

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