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Tales of Magna Carta

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The Road to Magna Carta

Background to this Chapter

King Richard the Lionheart was known as a brave fighter. When he died, his younger brother John became King. But he was not as good at fighting and so suffered a lot of defeats in France. In order to try to win these lands back, he imposed severe taxes on his barons to pay for an army.   

Let's Discuss

Watch the video of the Road to Magna Carta:        

What things did King John do that the people did not like? Why did they not like them?

What do you think being in power meant to King John?

How could he have used his power better? What difference would that have made to him and to his people?



If it were me...

  1. Question 1:

    If you were a King in 1215 what level of power did you have?

    1. Complete and utter "I am the King, I can do what I like" sort of power
    2. Some power
    3. No power
  2. Question 2:

    If you were a peasant in 1215 what level of power did you have?

    1. Complete power
    2. Some power
    3. Sorry, who are you again?
  3. Question 3:

    If you were a baron in 1215 what would annoy you most?

    1. Other Barons who have a slightly nicer coat of arms than you
    2. Peasants who are a bit lazy
    3. A King who often took every last piece of your money from you
  4. Question 4:

    If you were a Baron in 1215 what is most important to you?

    1. Pleasing your peasant workers
    2. Pleasing the king
    3. Pleasing yourself

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