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Tales of Magna Carta

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Magna Carta Today

Background to this Chapter

Magna Carta was written 800 years ago but it is still part of our world today. It is in the way countries right round the world have decided to run, it is in the way our justice system works, it is in the way that we talk about human rights. People have come together in communities to stand up for things which they believe in and to fight against things which are bad. Magna Carta has helped us start to say how life can be fairer for everyone and even start to make it happen. 

Let's Discuss

Watch the video Magna Carta Today:

What things do you think could be better and fairer today?

How can we make things better and fairer?

What would King John have thought if he knew how important Magna Carta had come today?


Who has power today?

Who helps enforce our laws and rights today — who is the odd one out? Now who could the last one be?

  • Judge
  • Police
  • Army
  • Footballer
  • ?

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