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'World's Eye' banners bring a splash of colour to the Close

Posted By : Roz Mitchell Tuesday 30th June 2015

Worlds Eye: 25 June to 6 July only

International community artists Alex and Jan Grant have brought their colourful Batik Flag installation 'World's Eye' to the Cathedral Close until 6 July.


Begun in 2011 in response to the Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster, the project started out as a collaboration with community groups in Northern Japan. The artists then decided to broaden the project, allowing local people in the UK to support the Japanese people by colouring and printing the banners drawn and created in Japan. 


Alex Grant, project artist and artistic director of Toozalii said: “To engage one community is a positive outcome. To engage two communities into artistically supporting each other across a 12,000 mile gap, with such a visually exciting and publically accessible outcome, is just amazing!”


Following Salisbury Cathedral the installation will be shown in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Hakodate.