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Reflection: sculptures made with glass

( Picture: Launch by Rebecca Newnham, photography David Bird)

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Reflection: sculptures made with glass

Posted By : Marie Thomas Monday 4th July 2016

( Picture: Launch by Rebecca Newnham, photography David Bird)

Reflection, a spectacular exhibition of art created using glassexplores the theme of 'reflection' both as a visual response to the Cathedral’s beautiful medieval building and as a stimulus for meditative reflection. The exhibition features pieces specially created for the exhibition by nine internationally known artists. It opens on 1 August and runs until November.

The Cathedral has long tradition of stained glass, spanning nearly eight centuries. Whilst some of its windows date back to the 13th century and others, like Gabriel Loire's Prisoners of Conscience (installed in 1980) are twentieth century marvelsThe elegant Early English Gothic architecture provides a perfect setting in which to show off these extraordinary works.


Reflection is curated by Jacquiline Creswell, the Cathedral’s Arts Advisor with Rebecca Newnham, a sculptor who works with glass. Jacquiline Creswell has been curating the Cathedral’s exhibitions for the past six years has also been responsible for acquiring pieces for the Cathedral’s permanent collection. Co-curator Rebecca Newnham, an internationally known artist in her own right, has worked in Europe, America and the Middle East. Rebecca, who has exhibited in the Cathedral before as part of the 'Liminality' exhibition, will be showing two monumental pieces in this show. Exhibiting with Rebecca Newnham are Galia Amsel, Sabrina Cant, Amy Cushing, Sally Fawkes, Olivia Fink, Richard Jackson, Louis Thompson and Sylvie Vandenhoucke.


Rebecca Newnham, artist and co-curator of Reflections said: “It is a privilege to co-curate this exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral with Jacquiline Creswell and one that I undertake mindfully. This is the second time I have been involved in an exhibition here and I have become familiar with the building’s majesty. I love the way the light filters through the vaulted glass windows, and the contrast between the solidity of the stone walls and the translucence of the glass. All nine artists featured in the exhibition use multiple glass components to create their installations, an approach which embraces the many remarkable qualities of glass and compliments the glorious setting.”

Jacquiline Creswell, Cathedral Arts Advisor and exhibition said: “I have always been fascinated by glass; it is a material to look through in order to see out. Its intrinsic purity captures the imagination. The alchemical transformation of sand into a precious, crystal clear, frozen form, commands respect and reverence. Like architecture, glass divides light and space and in addition glass has magical qualities beyond its physicality. The stained glass windows of Salisbury Cathedral reflect different periods in history, but the uniting medium and colour palate permeates the vaulted space with special significance. This exhibition wishes to explore contemporary glass sculpture and installations within this tradition.”
Art plays a significant role in the Cathedral, communicating its wider message to its congregation and visitors, as well as providing a stimulus for outreach work, in which ideas related to the work and ethos of the Cathedral are explored.

Canon Dr. Robert Titley, Canon Treasurer at the Cathedral and chair of the Arts Committee said: “Art often serves to speak of the things we find hard to put into words and can, in an instant, speak volumes. The art we show in the Cathedral is curated to provoke a spiritual response and encourage the viewer to examine the carefully chosen themes around which a work is built – in this case the spiritual power of reflection. There will be many meanings and many views to take away from this extraordinary exhibition and we hope the images and context with stay with people for a long time. To quote St. Paul ‘we see in a mirror dimly but then we will see face to face’. When, as in this exhibition, the two sorts of reflections come together, the purely physical movement of light creates in our mind’s eye something rich, something new and unique, perhaps even a reflection of God and the glory that awaits us.”


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