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Morning Worship on Saturdays from Advent

Posted By : Tom Clammer Thursday 30th November 2017

For an experimental period between Advent and Candlemas, the regular Morning Worship with Holy Communion service on a Saturday will take place at 08.30 rather than 07.30.

We worship at the later time on bank holidays and in the period immediately after Christmas, and the Ministerial Team are keen to discover whether offering worship an hour later on a Saturday might appeal to more people, and draw those who are visiting the city. In order to test this theory, Morning Worship on Saturdays from the beginning of Advent (9 December) until Candlemas (27 January)  will be held at 08.30.

After that, we will review whether or not it has made a difference, and, indeed, whether there are strong reasons to stick with our present practice. As always with these experiments, I would be delighted to have your feedback. 

Tom Clammer, Canon Precentor