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Lent 2018

Ash Wednesday 14 February 07:30  Morning Worship with Holy Communion, Trinity Chapel

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Lent 2018

Posted By : Amber Rawlings Friday 19th January 2018

Ash Wednesday 14 February

07:30  Morning Worship with Holy Communion, Trinity Chapel

12:00  Holy Community with Imposition of Ashes, Trinity Chapel

17:30  The Eucharist, sermon by Canon Dr Tom Clammer

Lent Talks

The main focus this year will be a series of talks in the Trinity Chapel, followed by discussion. Please note that these will be held on differing days of the week.  Doors open at 7pm, please join us for tea/coffee before the start of the talk.

19:30  Wednesday, 21 February Canon Dr Tom Clammer followed by Compline at 21:00 sung by Salisbury Cathedral Chamber Choir

19:30  Tuesday, 27 February Canon Dr Robert Titley followed by Compline

19:30  Thursday, 8 March Canon Ian Woodward followed by Compline

19:30  Wednesday, 14 March The Very Revd Charles Taylor followed by Compline

19:30  Tuesday, 20 March Canon Edward Probert followed by Compline

21:00  Wednesday, 21 March Organ Compline (Quire) 


Wednesday 21 February, 7.30 pm Canon Dr Tom Clammer: ‘Forces of Evil and the power of the light’

Lent is a time when we remember Christ’s temptation in the wilderness and we hear accounts of the Devil, or Satan. What does the Church have to say about the Devil, or the nature of evil? Is evil real? Is it personal? Does it come from outside, or within? How might Christ conquer evil, and with what power?


Tuesday 27 February, 7.30 pm Canon Dr Robert Titley: ‘How green is my alley? Caring for God’s earth in real life’

Since Blue Planet 2 we’ve all woken up to plastic in the oceans, but what can we do about it without opting out of modern life? In this session we shall look at ways in which we can tread more lightly on our earth but do it with a light touch, and ask how a church that cares about God’s earth can be prophetic but not preachy.


Thursday 8 March, 7.30 pm Canon Ian Woodward: ‘An Easter faith beyond the Close’

Where and how do we express our faith – do we confine it to the comfort zone of our Cathedral and the Close? Where do our personal Christian responsibilities lie and should we be better prepared to make God’s love known beyond the draw-bridge of the High Street gate?


Wednesday 14 March, 7.30 pm The Very Revd Charles Taylor: ‘The Bible – whose book is it anyway?’

Christians of all denominations and traditions acknowledge the Bible as their "Holy Book", a principal source of inspiration for their faith and of guidance in their practice of it. Yet the authority of Scripture, and the way it is interpreted and applied, can be not only highly selective but also a cause of deep division between the churches, local and international.  So what do we mean when we refer to the Bible as "the Word of God"?  And how might we interpret and even determine what is 'Holy Scripture' in relation to our own time and context?


Tuesday 20 March, 7.30 pm Canon Edward Probert: ‘When empires collapse – making peace’

Before the First World War Britain had had no experience of total war, or of mass participation in the military. These left deep scars in the social psyche, many of which are still visible in the habits and discourse of our nation. But we tend to be blinder to the traumatic international consequences of that war, which included the collapse of the Habsburg, German, Russian, and Ottoman empires. These collapses in turn left unfinished business, and consequences including the Second World War, the Cold War, and Islamic State. What can we learn about coping with a bitter and complicated past?


Compline sung by Salisbury Cathedral Chamber ChoirWednesday 21 February, 21:00

Organ Compline (Quire) - Wednesday 21 March, 21:00