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Health, Sickness and the Image of God

In September a guided conversation took place in the Cathedral between the Revd Canon 

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Health, Sickness and the Image of God

Posted By : Tom Clammer Saturday 28th November 2015

In September a guided conversation took place in the Cathedral between the Revd Canon Tom Clammer and Dr Paula Gooder, Theologian in Residence at the Bible Society. This is a recording of that conversation.

In the course of the recording Canon Tom, who suffers from the neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis, and Paula Gooder talk to one another about how Christians might approach issues of suffering and sickness in the world. They talk about the nature of illness and disease, and they talk about ways in which we might be able to find some theological apparatus to navigate this territory. 

Canon Tom says:

“There are lots of people with health issues and life changing conditions, who turn to the Church for help and guidance when dealing with ill health, so I felt that a conversation that considers some of the questions in a both a personal and a Christian context would be helpful.

“Among the questions we consider are what does it mean to be sick and disabled – and a Christian? How do you confront the challenge? Does God hear my prayers?”

The conversation runs for about an hour and is unedited, but in it you may find answers to some of the questions that you yourselves have asked, and you might also find some new questions being posed with which to explore the whole area of how it is that Christians deal with suffering. 


 Sickness, Health and the Image of God - a guided conversation.mp3

If you, or someone you know, have been affected by the issues raised in this discussion, the following organisations can help: 
Salisbury and District Branch of the MS Society

The Bishop's Adviser fro Wholeness and Healing 
Revd Dr Jane Culliford 
01305 264360,