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Head Mason's Diary: March 2015

Posted By : Lee Andrews Monday 30th March 2015

For me, February and March have flown by in a whirlwind of snow, stone chippings, plinth moving and fixing.


What a hectic end to the financial year, with deadlines drawing close to get jobs signed off and other jobs started plus the added surprise of snow. The whole works Department team were out in force to clear and grit the paths of the Close in early February leaving the area with some wonderful views that you can see in the accompanying gallery.


With the removal of the scaffold in December and fences being removed in January it was only left for the area to be checked over at ground level and any previous inaccessible areas to be finished along with the landscaping of the grass areas, so in the summer months it will look spectacular. The metal fence is being put back in place between the 2 north transepts and will be repainted.


The Chapter House entrance and inside is now complete with the doorways repainted and new Perspex put in the doors, which now looks fantastic, the plinths are all back around the chapter house and all the missing floor tiles have been replaced.  


The last stones for the MRA3 (Major Repair Area 3) phase on the south side have been worked and now all the masons and conservators are out on the scaffold doing different areas of fixing and conservation with dismantling and rebuilding the Parapets, which is 60% done, 2 bays with hood moulds and tracery are ongoing and the conservators are out chopping out the old joints, getting ready for repairs.


All in all these months have been busy, but in the same breath they have flown by and feel like its still February! The Chapter House and Cloister exhibition for Magna Carta are now open and I would highly recommend to come and visit not just the Exhibition but the magnificent Cathedral and share a little of how proud I am to call this my work place and be Head Mason here.


That was my delayed February and March Diary entry with a little insight of what we have done and achieved, plus what we are currently working on and aiming for. But now we are gearing up for Easter and all the celebrations that surround the Cathedral.