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Head Mason's Diary: January 2015

Shades of medieval times during a power cut in the Masons' banker shop
Posted By : Lee Andrews Monday 26th January 2015

New Year and new challenges!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic time over the Christmas period.

Since my last blog and being back after the Christmas break there have been new additions to the team, a variety of jobs going on, things to overcome, projects taking full flow and a wonderful achievement on the north side of the Cathedral.

The first in my list is welcoming our new Mason, Jamie, who has taken over the role left by Gerry who retired last November, and John, our new Labourer/Sawyer who will provide a massive ease on the future work load.

There are two major jobs that we are working to complete this year, one being MRA3 on the south side where we will hopefully be out on the scaffold in the next month to start the fixing; the banker work for this area is two thirds complete. The other is, with a closer dead line, getting things ready in and around the Chapter House for the Magna Carta 800 years celebrations where the masons and conservation teams are working closely on different aspects of re-fixing, pointing, cleaning and painting. One thing that happened the first week we were back was a power cut solely in the banker shop (as you can see from the photo) meaning we had to set up lights between our bankers almost taking us back to the medieval times!

The amazing achievement we have done to start the year off is the removal of the entire scaffold on the north side with all the fencing going and hoist being removed this past week, leaving the North side scaffold-free and no scaffold visible from the main walk up to the cathedral at all.

So that was January for us, but please do come back and visit us; come along and visit when the Magna Carta exhibition is open and enjoy what the entire Cathedral can offer.