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Head Mason's Diary: Corbel Carving June 2014

Parapet wall before and after masonry work
Posted By : Lee Andrews Tuesday 24th June 2014

Since the last time I wrote we have now completed working all the stones, bar the carvings, needed for MRA8 (Major Repair Area 8) on the north aisle of the Presbytery. This means now we are pushing on in the fixing of these stones with four masons out fixing and another two going out before the end of the month. The parapet and gablets are 95% done and the masons will move down the scaffold levels doing the stones around the windows and on the buttresses. The picture at the top shows the work we've done on one bay of the parapet and you can clearly see the bad state that the wall was in originally and now the difference with all the new stones in place.

The work in the first two bays of the north cloister is coming to an end now with all the repairs and stone replacement done, the Conservators will now be going out onto MRA8 to start the repairs on the parapet walls and then follow the masons down the scaffold.

There are ongoing carvings in the banker shop of the two carved corbels (kind of stone brackets) for the flying buttress with good progress made on both, in fact one is near completion and the other really taking shape. You can see both in the gallery on this page and the maquette was featured in my last blog.

Check back again soon for another update.

(You still have the opportunity to sponsor a stone in this area but be quick, you'll need to do so before the end of the month!)