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Head Mason's Diary

Posted By : Lee Andrews Tuesday 17th December 2013

My name is Lee Andrews and I’ve been Head Mason since June 2013 having started work at the Cathedral in 2003 as an apprentice.

There is always a lot happening either in the workshops or out on the scaffold (depending on the time of year!) and I hope to be able to share just some of it with you through this diary. I’ll also be adding pictures, so please check back here and in the gallery to catch up with the latest news and see how things are progressing from a closer viewpoint than is usually possible to anyone outside of the Cathedral staff.

This year has been a busy one with the plastering of the ceiling in the North Cloisters (which looks amazing now), plus over the past few weeks we have been rounding off MRA 9 (Major Repair Area) which is the top 6 scaffold lifts on North and Eastern faces. Now all stone work and repairs are done and awaiting signing off from the Architect. Along with that we have been slowly working on the mould cutting for MRA 8 and we will be finishing that off before Christmas (which is why I’m having to be a bit brief this month) with the final 11 stones being drawn up now including five Finials. Work is ongoing in the banker shop with working the stones for MRA 8 over the winter up until the spring.

Drop back again to see how the work is going.