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Head Mason's Blog - May 2014

The start of May has drawn a close to all of the sawing with the last stone for

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Head Mason's Blog - May 2014

Posted By : Lee Andrews Friday 16th May 2014

The start of May has drawn a close to all of the sawing with the last stone for MRA (Major Repair Area) 8 being cut just before the Bank Holiday weekend. It has been a huge relief to finally get it all done and now concentrate on the banker work and make a huge push to get the remainder of the stones worked.

We now have fewer than 50 stones left to work, four of which are full finials, one crown and two elaborately carved stents; the crown and stents have been started.

The photograph at the top of this page is of the clay maquette (model) that our mason has made to get the shape and details of the carving that will be needed as the original was too badly decayed to get a good enough detail.

We recently received two of the four finials back from being turned and they are waiting for the carving to be worked.

Seven more stones need to be fixed in the Cloisters, which include new Purbeck marble capital columns and bases that we are waiting for; conservation repairs have started on two bays and are well on the way to completion.

Fixing on the north side of the Cathedral has seen two of the parapets dismantled and rebuilt, in the next few days we will be moving onto the first gablet and within the next two weeks we will start to let some masons out of the workshop to start fixing there. We're hoping the weather stays nice so we can make great progress.

As the banker work is rapidly coming to an end there is little time to lose if you would like to sponsor one of the stones in this phase of work, if you would like to aid our cause please see more detail here.