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Finding Tuvalu - Flowers for Freedom project

Flowers for Freedom, Magna Carta Commonwealth project - suppor

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Finding Tuvalu - Flowers for Freedom project

Posted By : Sarah Rickett Friday 9th January 2015

Flowers for Freedom, Magna Carta Commonwealth project - supported by the Magna Carta 800 Committee

The project is to work with schools in each of the 53 Commonwealth countries in the study of Magna Carta and to nominate their chosen flowers that to them represent freedom. Results will be presented creatively in the Magna Flora Flower Festival at the Cathedral in September. 

December blog from one of the project interns

So here we are, already a month in to the project. And what a busy month it’s been, what with Christmas as well as the project.

I am pretty ashamed that my knowledge of the Commonwealth was pretty limited, to say the least, prior to becoming part of the Magna Carta Project team. But I’m probably not alone in that. Hence why this is project is important for everyone, not just the schools involved. It’s a community that we’re all a part of, so let’s get educated!

Fair to say I’ve already been cribbed for any quiz team with a round on the countries of the commonwealth.

This month has all been about researching the countries we’ve been given, and finding potential schools that we can contact.

All sounds simple until you try to find a school in Tuvalu (a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean) with an email contact. Takes a fair bit of wading, clicking from a link on one website, to a link on another, then another… But perseverance pays off. And of the 15 countries, for which I am responsible, I have now found contacts for all, though some are a little tenuous.

The only problem being that, for the most part, the schools in smaller or poorer countries that have email addresses are international schools. For our project we ideally wanted all the schools to be local, to gain an insight into freedom and justice from the perspective of local children. So the search will continue. Even though we have all identified potential participants, we still need them to say yes. Which they should! But don’t worry, there is a plan of action if we are met with silence, to use the Cathedral’s links with the church across the globe, or perhaps contacting the British Council.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that everyone that we contact is as enthusiastic about the Magna Carta, Flowers for Freedom project as we are, and keep an eye on here to see how we get on next month.


Sarah Juliff

Project Intern