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Discovering the Christian Way

‘Happy are those whose hearts are set on the pilgrim way’ (Psalm 84.

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Discovering the Christian Way

Posted By : Amber Rawlings Monday 14th December 2015

‘Happy are those whose hearts are set on the pilgrim way’ (Psalm 84.5)

Life is a journey. It begins when you’re born. It ends when you die. You don’t need to be a Christian to know this. But as we get older we do know that there is probably more road behind us than ahead of us. So what difference does being a Christian make? We can live and travel as pilgrims. Starting in January 2016 the Cathedral is offering a new course for the Christian journey. Pilgrim will include a series of guided sessions and group meetings. Any member of the Cathedral community: congregation, staff or volunteers is welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at 19:30 in the Cathedral. The first four weeks will be introductory sessions led by the clergy, then during Lent we will be changing the focus and choosing one of the themes to study in smaller groups.


This course is designed to help you discover this Christian way of life better. It unpacks the basic message and teaching of the Christian faith in a way that is reflective and conversational. It may change the perspective of your life; it might also change its direction.




Wednesday 13 January   The Ten Commandments with the Dean

Wednesday 20 January   The Lord’s Prayer with the Canon Precentor

Wednesday 27 January   The Beatitudes with the Canon Chancellor

Wednesday 3 February   The Eucharist with the Canon Treasurer


Lent Groups will meet on the five Wednesday evenings from 17 February to 16 March 2016. For further information please click here