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Digital Service Good Friday Liturgy

All are welcome to join us via our website and YouTube channel at 12.00 and then at 13.30 on Good Friday, 10 April 2020...

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Digital Service Good Friday Liturgy

Posted By : Anna Macham Thursday 9th April 2020
All are welcome to join us via our website and YouTube channel at 12.00 and then at 13.30 on Good Friday, 10 April 2020, for two digital services. The first of these, at 12.00 is the Good Friday Devotion, which this year is led by the Ven Sue Groom, Archdeacon of Wilts. The second is the Good Friday liturgy at 13.30.  Both services are made up of prayers, addresses, hymns and choir anthems. If you would like to follow the Passion reading, is it John chapters 18-19, in the NRSV version.
The spoken parts of the service have been pre-recorded in our houses by members of the clergy. The service is led by the Treasurer, Canon Robert Titley, with an address from the Ven Dr Sue Groom, Archdeacon of Wilts.  The readers are the Chancellor, Canon Edward Probert and the Revd Maggie Guillebaud. The service includes the Proclamation of the Cross, with plainsong kindly provided by Richard and Abigail Hooper. The Passion reading from the Gospel according to John was kindly recorded by members of Salisbury Cathedral School: thank you very much to the head master, Clive Marriott, Jake Reynolds and the choristers who participated: Eva, James, Caroline, Charlie and Annabel.
Reading: Isaiah 52:13-end of 53- Canon Edward Probert
Psalm 22- Salisbury Cathedral Choir
Reading: Hebrews 10:16-25- Maggie Guillebaud
Hymn: “I cannot tell”- Salisbury Cathedral Choir
The Passion according to John – Salisbury Cathedral School
Sermon: The Ven Sue Groom, Archdeacon of Wilts
The Proclamation of the Cross (Music: Faithful Cross, Reproaches: New English Hymnal 516 and 517)
Intercessions- Canon Robert Titley and the Revd Caroline Titley
Anthem: John Ireland, “Ex ore innocentium”- Salisbury Cathedral Choir CD 
Lord’s Prayer and Conclusion- Canon Robert Titley
-“Psalm 22” from “The Complete Psalms of David Volume 2” 
-“I cannot tell,” words: William Young Fullerton (1857–1932), music: Londonderry Air, traditional Irish melody, from “Great Hymns from Salisbury”.
-Ex ore innocentium,” words: W Walsham How (1823-97); music: John Ireland (1879-1962), from “Best Loved Anthems from Salisbury”
All sung by the Choir of Salisbury Cathedral Choir (with kind permission of Priory Records).  
Visit this page or our YouTube channel at 13.30 on Friday 10 April for a link to the service. Click here for the Good Friday Devotion.