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Dean of Salisbury speaks about the role of the Church in the creation of Magna Carta

Close up of script on Salisbury Cathedral's 1215 Magna Carta
Posted By : Roz Mitchell Wednesday 7th January 2015

Over the Christmas period, The Very Revd June Osborne was invited to join a panel on BBC Radio Four's 'Beyond Belief' programme to discuss what the Church's role in the creation of Magna Carta.

It is a religiously charged document - the very first and the very last clause declare that "The Church must be free," and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, almost certainly drafted it.

Also on the panel hosted by Ernie Rea were Simon Barrow, Co Director of Ekklesia, a Christian think tank; and David Carpenter, Professor of Medieval History at Kings College London and one of the investigators involved in the Magna Carta Project which is researching the context, production and reception of Magna Carta.

You can listen to the 30 minute programme here.



Also on Radio Four, Melvyn Bragg has been hosting a programme called 'The Road to Magna Carta'. You can listen to this four part series here.