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Clerk of the Works' Blog - May 2014

You may have seen elsewhere on the site, remember from my last blog, or if you live locally to Salisbury have seen an...

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Clerk of the Works' Blog - May 2014

Posted By : Gary Price Thursday 24th April 2014

You may have seen elsewhere on the site, remember from my last blog, or if you live locally to Salisbury have seen an article in the Salisbury Journal newspaper about our peregrines; their fame is spreading and their wings may well be soon too as according to our 'brothers in arms' at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), all being well, the eggs are scheduled to hatch around the first week of May. We have set up a camera at the top of the tower so that anyone who takes a tower tour can see progress on the screen just inside the door and I will, of course, be posting as many updates as I can during this exciting time. (The picture at the top of this blog was taken of the screen, which is why it is a little grainy.)

I'm very much looking forward to our part of the Secret Salisbury event that is scheduled for the last two days of April. We have 335 people booked to come around the workshops over the two days and I and some of my staff will be showing them behind the scenes. Very few people get to come behind our daunting looking gates and I hope they will all enjoy their half-hour tours.

To enable more people to get a feel for the craft of stonemasonry not only are some of us attending the Salisbury Museum Festival of Archaeology on the 12th of July (a free event that is open to everyone to come and see lots of demonstrations and events), but we have also organised a trial day for our colleagues here at the Cathedral before we run our own Stone Carving Workshop that will be open to the public over the 3rd and 4th of July. The Stone Carving Workshop will be the first one we have run with one of our masons (Simon) tutoring and so to get into the different discipline of tutoring a larger group than the usual one to one of an apprentice or work experience and because he doesn't conduct workshop tours we thought it would be good to break Simon in gently by letting him loose with fellow colleagues in the first instance. The interest has been very encouraging with nine of the ten spaces being filled within half a day!

It would be lovely to meet some of my readers so if you can make it to either the Museum's archeology event (12th of July) or would like to have a go at stone carving over the 3rd and 4th of July, or plan to come along to our Contemporary Craft and Heritage Fayre in September (more news on that nearer the time) please do say 'hello'...and if you think you may not recognise me you will have no excuse as Escape to the Country will be interviewing me about the process of getting a piece of stone cut, worked and onto the building and I will let you know a broadcast date when I have one. Fame beckons, now where's that fortune...