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Clerk of the Works' Blog: March 2015

Posted By : Gary Price Tuesday 7th April 2015

You may remember from last month that the launch for the South Wilts Business of the Year Awards was held here in readiness for the actual event in June. There was a real buzz at the evening with the Refectory being full to capacity and plenty of mingling going on, it looks like it’s destined to be quite an event. If you live locally and know of a company you would like to nominate it’s not too late as entries close on 24 April.


You might have already seen that our peregrines are back…with four eggs this year! We had high hopes when we had seen and heard a lot of activity from the birds recently and the first one appeared in the nest on 31 March, second one on 2 April and the third, rather fittingly, over Easter with the fourth being spotted on Tuesday 7 April.

We will have a live feed from the nest set up again and updates will be available via our website, we hope to have a dedicated page for updates from this year, rather than keeping you informed solely via my blog, so do look out for that.


My more regular readers might be a bit concerned that I haven’t mentioned meeting any famous people yet, well worry no more as I can put that right by telling you I’ve been filming with Sir Terry Wogan and “Cabbie Abroad” Mason McQueen. They are currently making a series called The Great British Food Show in which Mason drives Sir Terry to locations around Britain in his black cab trying out all sorts of different British foods. While here he tried some of our specially made Magna Carta chutney, which is available in the Cathedral's shop and is, according to Sir Terry, “terrific”. The chutney is made by our shop’s own local chutney maker, David Burton, and uses only ingredients that would have been available 800 years ago to help celebrate our 800th Magna Carta anniversary year.


We were lucky enough to have a second sum awarded by the WWI Centenary Fund and gained the amazing sum of £150,000 that will be used on MRA (Major Repair Area) 5. We are very grateful to the scheme for what it is allowing us to do; this latest funding will go to repairs on the south quire aisle in the Presbytery.


I was a little late with this blog and will hopefully be able to tell you a bit more of the reason behind that very soon, in the meantime it’s time to enjoy spring a bit more and wait to see if we’ve been lucky in our application for the free wildflower seeds from the BBC’s Countryfile website – the patch of, umm, “garden” next to the office could be destined for greatness…