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Clerk of the Works' Blog - March 2014

As promised in February's blog, this month I can give you an update o

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Clerk of the Works' Blog - March 2014

Posted By : Gary Price Friday 28th February 2014

As promised in February's blog, this month I can give you an update on the dinner with the Worshipful Company of Constructors, which was a very enjoyable (and delicious!) event.

Christian and I felt very welcome and it was an excellent opportunity for us both to tell them how grateful we are for their generous sponsorship, the Master’s daughter will be joining us for work experience later in the year as it appears my speech sparked her interest in the craft, which is excellent news.

I’ve been doing a lot of talks recently, I’ve started a rolling programme of tours of the workshop for our volunteer guides, so that when visitors who have seen the workshops from the tower ask what goes on here, they will receive a lot more in-depth information. There are 600 guides to come through in total, we’ve done some already, but currently I’m doing two tours per week and so it will take some time to get them all through, but it’s a very worthwhile exercise as I feel it gives something back to our volunteers too. I’m pleased to say that the feedback so far has been very positive too, which is encouraging.

Our contact from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) have been back on site to check around the nest box and have reported evidence of a lot of interest from the peregrines, which is very exciting news.

There has been progress, too, on our Sponsor a Stone scheme; thank you to everyone who has joined so far. Most of the stones that have been bought so far will be fixed in April, so if anyone else would like to be part of the scheme time is creeping on so please do get in touch.

Finally for this month’s news I'm joining the author Ken Follett when he comes to the Cathedral on 2 March at the start of his lecture tour 'Why cathedrals?'. You will be familiar with Mr Follett’s work as it includes “The Pillars of the Earth” and the tour celebrates the 25th anniversary of that book first being published. 

I’m looking forward to meeting him - for anyone who can’t make it I will give you an update in next month’s blog.