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Clerk of the Works' Blog - April 2014

You might remember from my March blog that I was due to meet Ken Follett

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Clerk of the Works' Blog - April 2014

Posted By : Gary Price Monday 31st March 2014

You might remember from my March blog that I was due to meet Ken Follett. It was a great evening with Mr Follett giving a really interesting talk, followed by a question and answer session during which it was clear that everyone who came along had their interest sparked as even afterwards I had a long queue of people waiting to ask me more.

He very kindly signed my copy of his “Pillars of the Earth” book, as you can see in the main picture, dedicating it to a modern day “Tom Builder”, the character in the book who was responsible for starting work on Kingsbridge Cathedral, which was based on Salisbury Cathedral.

Some of you may know Rodney, one of our volunteers who has been manning the front desk for over 16 years. He retired at the end of March and the last ambition he had to fulfil here was to climb the spire. I couldn’t let him climb right to the top on the outside (those dreaded words “Health and Safety”), but as a one-off I was able to take him up the weather door, which is about half way between the top of the tower and the top of the spire. He took his very own “flag” with him with which he waved to his friends and colleagues on the ground (370+ feet away). He stayed calm and collected the whole time, which is no mean feat on all those ladders and did himself proud, it was a real pleasure to be able to help him go out on such a literal high.

Our 'Sponsor a Stone' scheme has been tremendously successful, raising nearly £30,000 towards the upkeep of the building so far. Sponsored stones are already being fixed as my Masons come out of hibernation in the banker shop; the fixing process will finish at the end of June, so if you would like to join in please hurry and see here for more details.

There has been more peregrine activity spotted around the Cathedral, I saw a male sitting on a finial very close to the new nest box so I’m really hopeful that we will soon have some eggs. Talking of eggs, our resident ducks have been marching about two by two so April should see our usual “waddle past” through the Works Yard; I will post pictures and, hopefully, video of them coming through.

So all in all there’s a real feeling of things about to happen, which I suppose sums spring up generally - I’ll be back next month with more news.