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Posted By : Gary Price Friday 13th December 2013

It has been an eventful first year with the Works team undertaking plastering the north range of the Cloisters in readiness for our Magna Carta anniversary events in 2015 and finishing a month ahead of schedule, the scaffolding coming down following completion of work on the Chapter House and I’m currently working with the RSPB to install a suitable ledge for peregrines to nest up on the tower.


Most exciting from a purely personal perspective was when I realised a long-held ambition on 19 Feb 2013 by climbing to the top of the spire to install the fixings for the new anemometer, in due course I will be posting camera footage from my climb and some still photographs that I and the watchers on the ground took.


We’ve also had the annual “march of the ducks” as newly hatched ducklings get lead through the yard by their mother down to the river, a visit from a green parrot who escaped from its home and took up residence in a tree by the yard for a night and made a discovery of a bees’ nest in the Chapter House roof space; not to mention finding a very small fleur-de-lys made into the original plaster in the cloisters.