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Clerk of Works’ Blog: December 2014

Posted By : Gary Price Thursday 4th December 2014

Well for me Advent got off to an amazing start! It was my tremendous (though slightly daunting) privilege to be able to take readings at each of the three Darkness to Light services, which are some of the largest services in the Cathedral’s diary, at the invitation of Tom Clammer, our PrecentorAs the choir finished I waited a couple of beats, knowing the next voice all these people would hear would be mine. Once all the candles were alight it was also my duty to switch on our current light installation, Bruce Munro’s Star of Bethlehem; in the reduced light it looked even more effective and beautiful, I really would urge you to come to see it if you possibly can.


From Advent to Christmas and my leading lady this month is my good friend Sally Firino. Sally is a local artist who has a stall in the final week (14th to 20th December) of this year’s Christmas Market, an event that was a huge hit last year when it came to Salisbury for the first time. The image at the top of my blog is one of Sally’s pictures called Salisbury Glow and when I climbed the spire for the first time in 2012 she cleverly superimposed a photograph of me at the top onto the top of the spire and gave me a signed copy of the completed work; fantastic! If you’re interested to see more of Sally’s work and can’t come to the market there’s a link here to her website


You may remember last month I was figuratively hunched over a lightbox selecting an image for the front cover of next year’s Sponsor a Stone brochure, well the Works Department’s input into that publication is now complete and it’s all with our Development Department to polish up and buff off, or something less industrial but just as effective anyway.


Still on the subject of next year I’ve also been involved in some preparatory work towards our Magna Carta celebration exhibition that will be opening in March 2015. My team has been helping to remove the cabinets from the Chapter House and I’ve been looking at ways to house an audio-visual display in the Cloisters so there has been much talk of padded collars (to protect the columns).


So that’s it, in a few paragraphs I’ve gone from the start of Advent, through Christmas and out into New Year, surely some kind of record. If you’re a regular reader I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and if you’ve had the opportunity to give feedback I would also like to thank you. I am now going to completely abuse the privilege I have of leading such a fine team, and being given such a useful platform to broadcast from, and on behalf of them all wish you all a very peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas and we all look forward to continuing to keep you updated with stories from behind the big wooden gates next year.