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Chorister Scholarships for 11 lucky youngsters

Eleven children from Years 3 and 4 have gained places in our Cathedral Choir and Chorister Scholarships to Salisbury...

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Chorister Scholarships for 11 lucky youngsters

Posted By : Amber Rawlings Tuesday 13th February 2018

Eleven children from Years 3 and 4 have gained places in our Cathedral Choir and Chorister Scholarships to Salisbury Cathedral School following recent Voice Trials.


Five boys including Zeeshan Mahmud from Southsea, Jack Maltby from Pitton Primary in Salisbury, Rory Law from Sutton Veny Primary School in Warminster and two pupils from the Cathedral School, Theo Price and Kavan Sathish will start singing with the Choir in September as Probationer Choristers.


It takes about a year for Probationers to become full Choristers. Salisbury Cathedral Choir, unlike many other Cathedrals Choirs with girls and boys, offers equality of experience for both, with equal Choir duties and funding.


The new Probationers will rehearse and occasionally sing services with the Choir, becoming part of a 900-year-old musical tradition. They’ll also quickly learn how to organise their time because a Chorister’s life is a busy one and sports, music and all the other activities of school life must be fitted in around their singing.


Salisbury Cathedral was the first to admit girls to its Choir in 1991. This year the six girls joining the Choir come from far and wide. Matilda Budd from Sutton Coldfield has been offered a place, alongside Emma Wyse from Sherborne House, Chandlers Ford and Isabel Moss, who is currently at school in Kensington, West London.

The three local girls who have gained places are Rosie Bennett from Downton, Alice Hubbard from Calne and Mary Oliver, who is already at the Cathedral School.


David Halls, Director of Music is delighted with his new recruits: “This year around sixty children came to our Be a Chorister For A Day event, which means that awareness of the opportunities offered by the Choir is high. We were really pleased with the outcome of the Voice Trials and there are some very promising young singers coming through.

“It’s also a relief to reach this point. The Choir never stands still. Children move on to senior schools and boys’ voices break, so we lose the depth and experience in the Choir every year and each time you wonder whether you’ll be able to rebuild the team. You always do, of course, but you can’t afford to be complacent. We are fortunate here in Salisbury that we have singers keen to rise to the challenge and eager to reap the rewards. Being part of a choir is great fun and a great learning experience.”


Anyone interested in knowing more about Salisbury Cathedral Choir can find out more here or contact Kathy Davies at or call 07979 378926.


For any other enquiries or further information contact Marie Thomas or call 01722 555148.