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A chance to be a Chorister for a day!

Fancy being a comedian and TV Presenter or England Cricket Captain?

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A chance to be a Chorister for a day!

Posted By : Marie Thomas Tuesday 20th October 2015

Fancy being a comedian and TV Presenter or England Cricket Captain? What about making it to the final of Pop Idol, playing rugby for England or fronting Channel 4 News?


Celebrities Alexander Armstrong, Alistair Cooke, Gareth Gates, Lawrence Dallaglio and Jon Snow all have one thing in common - they are all former choristers (albeit from different choirs) and, to a man, believe that singing helped them to get where they are today. So, could it help your child?


To find out why Armstrong and co. set such store by their Chorister years, join the Cathedral’s music department for the annual Be a Chorister for a Day event on Saturday 14 November. It’s open to children in school years 2, 3 and 4 with an ear for music and a taste for teamwork. The day starts at midday - more details are available from the Chorister Recruitment Officer, Kathy Davies (see below).


Be a Chorister for a Day is specially devised to allow kids to find out early on, in a friendly and informal way, what it is like to be in the Cathedral choir and gives them a chance to rehearse and sing alongside the Cathedral’s choristers. Parents also get to spend time at the Cathedral and have their own parallel schedule, which allows them to explore what it means to have a chorister in the family. The recruitment team are at pains to point out that no child is ever prevented from joining the choir because of finances.


David Halls, the Cathedral’s Director of Music said: “We hold the day because we want to reach families who are not aware of the opportunities that singing in the choir at the Cathedral offers. People perceive the choir as being elitist but in fact our choristers are ordinary children from ordinary homes who just happen to be good at music and singing.”


Maddie Lyles, head girl chorister, is a case in point. Before her parents moved to Salisbury they knew nothing about choral music or the Cathedral, and weren’t aware that both Maddie and her sister had an ear for music. It was only when, encouraged by the girls’ music teacher, the family decided to visit to the Cathedral and find out how it all works.


David Halls, Director of Music said: “I get a great deal of pleasure from watching our choristers interacting with the visiting children. Be a Chorister for a Day is a great way to learn about life in the choir at first hand. Visiting children get a chance to perform in the Cathedral, hear all about a typical chorister day and find out about the concerts, recordings, radio and TV broadcasts, and tours the choristers undertake and discover the things they get up to when they are not at school or singing - all the things that make it both hard work and fun being in the choir.”


Key Chorister recruitment dates coming up between now and February next year are:

Be a Chorister for a Day: Saturday 14th November 2015
Boys Voice Trials: Saturday 23 January 2016
Girls Voice Trials: Saturday  6 February 2016

For further details rregarding the choir please email Kathy Davies, our Chorister Recruitment Officer at chorister.recruitment@salcath.co.uk or by ringing 07979378926. Any other enquiries should be directed to Marie Thomas on m.thomas@salcath.co.uk or 01722 555148.