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Further Reading and References

If you would like to learn more about Magna Carta, the following publications will be useful.


Claire Breay - Magna Carta, manuscripts and myths (British Library, 2002)

Robin Frame - The Political Development of the British Isles (Clarendon Press, 1995)

John Gillingham - The Angevin Empire (Hambledon, 1994)

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A.E. Dick Howard - Magna Carta, Text and commentary (University Press of Virginia, 1998)

John Hudson - The Formation of the English Common Law (Longman Medieval World, 1996)

John McIlwain - Magna Carta in Salisbury (Pitkin, 1999)

Nicholas Vincent - Magna Carta, a very short introduction (Oxford, 2012)

Ralph V Turner - King John (Longman Medieval World Series, 1994).