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Magna Carta Commonwealth Project

Waterford Kamhlaba College, Swaziland

Flowers for Freedom is an exciting and ambitious project which was part of our Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations, to make contact with schools and schoolchildren from the countries of the CommonwealthBuilding upon the Commonwealth’s shared values of justice and citizenship and using Magna Carta as a starting point, pupils were asked to suggest a flower or plant that grows in their country that in their view best reflects as a symbol the concepts of Magna Carta and of freedom.


The chosen flowers and the children's responses were then featured as part of the Cathedral's Magna Flora Flower Festival in September 2015. The festival itself was based on Magna Carta and its themes, and attracted over 21,000 people from all nations over the six days. Read here to see what children and young people from 17 countries said

  Commonwealth Flowers for Freedom programme final.pdf 


Flowers are a common and often uniting form, regardless of culture, language or religion. They can provide a universal ‘language’ for connecting across international boundaries. This project offers the opportunity to engage children and young people in member countries of the Commonwealth in the wider meanings of Magna Carta through the symbolism of flowers and in turn connect the Commonwealth and its values through a virtual community.


Kindly sponsored by the Magna Carta Trust’s 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee