Star of Bethlehem | Salisbury Cathedral

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Star of Bethlehem

Created by lasers lights, the Star hovers over the Spire Crossing Photo: Ash Mills

Morphing shapes

2D by day, late night haze tests transform the Star into 3D Photo: Ash Mills

Luminious light

During late night testing Jayson Haebich studies his creation.

The star in context

Best viewed when light levels are low, the Star reflects beautifully in the William Pye font Photo: Ash Mills

Interactivity for all

Visitors can change the shape and colour using an iPad near the William Pye font Photo: Ash Mills

Experiments with haze

Haze transforms the normally 2D star into 3D during a late night experimentation session. Photo: Ash Mills

A spectacular sight!

The Star is transformed by haze by staff experimenting with way of using the installation