Photos that Inspire Photography Competition Winners | Salisbury Cathedral

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David Cox - Winner (external category)

David took a unique perspective of our building. The low angle creates a modern looking image, whilst still capturing the beautiful gothic features of the Cathedral. Overall, a very strong image indeed

Paul Hope - Second Place (external category)

Paul took a very atmospheric picture and captured the morning light beautifully.

Simon Parker - Third Place (external category

The flowers in the foreground and the Old Sarum view in the background made for a beautiful composition!

Anne Nash - Winner (internal category)

A picture of pure simplicity, with a balanced composition and a nice focus of an understated and poignant area of the cloisters.

Hadrian Robinson - Second Place (internal category)

A beautifully symmetrical picture which is not only pleasing to the eye, but a tricky image to get right!

Kate Pendlenton - Joint Third Place (internal category)

An interesting and playful interaction with our much-loved font, wonderfully captured.

Robert Tarlton - Joint Third Place (internal category)

An intriguing architectural image. It's a striking shot full of sharp lines and contrast between light and dark.

Carol Byrne - Winner (quirky category)

A cleverly composited image! It is certainly an eye-catching picture with the unusual placement of our famous spire.

Ray Molin-Wilkinson - Second Place (quirky category)

An intriguing image with a sharp contrast in lighting.

Tracey Crowley - Third Place (quirky category)

The composition of the geometric shapes and the use of colour makes for a very artistic picture.